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side effects (2013)

"…then go to Mendl’s and get me a Courtesan au Chocolat."


Le Courtesan au Chocolat

   ”The news reporters would show Nick Dunne, husband of the missing woman, standing metallically next to his father-in-law, arms crossed, eyes glazed, looking almost bored as Amy’s parents wept. And then worse. My longtime response, the need to remind people I wasn’t a dick, I was a nice guy despite the affectless stare, the haughty, douchebag face.
   So there it came, out of nowhere, as Rand begged for his daughter’s return: a killer smile.” — Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl.

Emma, you’re playing the character of Gwen Stacy. According to comic books, she majored in Biochemistry. So, my question is this: In Biochemistry, what is an activated complex?

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I read somewhere that there’s a difference between tears of joy and tears of rage. Is that true? It’s in the chemistry, but you can’t tell by looking, they all just look like tears.

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GODZILLA - Preview Track
Alexandre Desplat

First Preview of Alexandre Desplat’s Godzilla Score


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) dir. Michel Gondry

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